Video and Audio Services

DWP focuses on offering run-and-gun, one-man-band video shoots, and I also do post-production editing.   My equipment and manpower are limited but focused on producing specialized videos, especially: promotional web and TV advertisments; capturing time-limited events either in a more "filmic" fashion or a traditional "video" style such as a conference or event; planned productions for intra- or inter-office use; documentation video of either properties, legal depositions, or other uses; or simply setting up and conducting an interview.  I also have a full editing suite available, along with the capability to transfer VHS tapes into digital formats.

I use Canon cameras, specifically the XA-20, 6D, and EOS-M cameras.  Audio is captured via Sony wireless and Audio-Technica wired lavalier packs and a set of boom or handheld microphones for various purposes. Recording can be captured on-site on either a Tascam DR-70-d 4-channel recorder, or independent Tascam DR-40 2-channel recorders, or in a more controlled environment routed through a traditional Behringer mixer and into the camera when needed.  A plethora of support gear is also available from: Lanparte camera rigging; Manfrotto tripods; a Konova slider and a Glidecam 2000 steadicam; Arri continuous lights; c-stands, clamps, silks, screens and scrims are also available for use during shoots, all helping ensure production quality is not sacrificed.  Run-and-gun filmmaking doesn't have to look like it!

I edit projects on the Adobe Creative Suite including Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition.  I offer delivery of final products on DVDs or blu-ray discs or digital copies on USB sticks and larger storage devices when raw footage delivery is requested.  I also am capable of online delivery via Dropbox and am knowledgeable in using FTP transfers and other online delivery methods.  Whether you just need a final product or every frame I've shot for your project, I can deliver either.

Rates are based upon the gear the shoot requires and the time it takes to plan, execute, and edit the video.  Fortunately, a one-man-band doesn't have much overhead.  So most cost will usually go toward gear prices, meaning the client has the option of controlling the rate as much as possible.  For a breakdown on your specific video idea, please contact me at [email protected].  I can work with you to help develop the type of video production you need, whether it's as simple as a camera and a microphone, or as complex as a shoot involving B-roll, interviews, capturing live events, or whatever else you need on video.

Still Photography

Outdoor photo sessions start at $70 for an hour, for at least ten of your favorite pictures from the shoot edited and yours to keep in digital format (USB stick, CD, DVD, etc.) in addition to raw digital copies of the entire shoot, if requested.  (Note some shoots may require additional equipment and fees related to such needs.)

Ask about getting prints made!  I don't do my own prints, but I can certainly aid in getting your photos on paper or canvas yourself, as today there are many options for getting a digital photo printed.